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You Don't Have To Live In Pain. 

Philo Physical Therapy helps active adults and kids recover from an injury and overcome their pain so that they can continue to stay active doing the things they love to do. 


Our doctors of physical therapy will evaluate you and develop a very personalized plan to address your issue.  We offer individualized care with your physical therapist for your entire treatment session. 

We integrate soft tissue massage and specific targeted exercises to address your problem. We are unique in the way that we look deep at the root cause of what is driving your symptoms and then develop a plan accordingly.


 Excellence and service to our patients are at the foundation of everything we do. We deliver one on one care for your entire treatment session.




If you have pain in your low back, neck, shoulders, knees, feet, or other muscles/joints in the body, orthopedic physical therapy can help you.  We offer one-on-one care utilizing a comprehensive biomechanical approach to understand the root cause of the musculoskeletal problem.  We use manual therapy, soft tissue massage, stretching, functional movement screening, targeted exercise for muscle activation, and electrical stimulation to help with pain relief.  We work with each patient to determine an individualized exercise plan to address their underlying problem.  Every program is focused on improving function so you can live your life without thinking about pain limiting you.



Sports injuries can make it difficult for you to perform at your desired level.  We have extensive experience treating athletes of all ages, ranging from little league players to professional athletes.  We have been team providers for the DC United Professional Soccer Team, local rugby teams, and high school teams, and we have worked alongside many local colleges to deliver high level care to their athletes.  We have worked with all levels of runners, ranging from someone who wants to do a "couch to 5k" program to high level ultra marathoners.  

We offer Functional Movement Screens (FMS), biomechanical examinations, video running analyses, soft tissue massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue massage, cupping, stretching, kinesiology taping, and examination of muscle activation strategies for appropriate firing patterns.  It is our goal to have every athlete performing at their highest level and to be better than before they were injured.



If you have dizziness, headaches, feelings of being off-balance, or difficulty walking, then neurological/vestibular physical therapy can help you.  We offer neurological screening to help develop an understanding of what could be driving your symptoms.  After a thorough examination, we develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment program focusing on the underlying issues that causes you to have your symptoms.



If you have pain in your neck/shoulders, elbows, or wrists while sitting at your desk at work, then workplace ergonomic consulting can help you.  Many people suffer from pain while sitting at their desks, because their ergonomics are not set up appropriately.  We have a very specific examination procedure to make sure patients are optimizing their work environments to allow them to be able to work without straining their bodies.   We offer video consulting or in-person consulting at your work place to determine the best ergonomic setup to minimize risk for pain and injury.



If you struggle with chronic illness and are looking for a nutritional and physical exercise intervention to become healthier and improve your quality of life, then this program is for you.  After a careful review of your medical history, we examine all possible contributing factors to your pain or chronic illness.  We examine possible causes including stress, food, environmental exposure, improper biomechanics, genetic components, etc.  Our goal is for you to take back control of your life by identifying and addressing the root cause of your problem.

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