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I would highly recommend this place for any physical therapy needs. I saw Thomas Crassas about a problem that my physicians were unable to diagnosis and prescribe treatment for. Dr. Crassas was able to identify and provide successful treatment for this painful and mobility-limiting problem. The staff is friendly and wonderful to work with, clearly a highly functioning team that provides excellent care. I was able to improve my knee function from a chronic degenerative condition and have an accelerated recovery from fractured ribs. My life has been greatly improved and I have lessened pain and maximized function from my physical therapy courses done.
-Kathy N.
Dr. Crassas was able to diagnose my issue even when my doctor was not exactly sure of the real issue. All of the staff are kind, friendly and very caring. I would highly recommend this wonderful team if you are in need of physical therapy !!!
-House P.

I have had an unfortunate early running career. Problems springing up out of the blue that could put me out for 5 weeks. Not until I went to Tom was I able to actually find the root to these injuries. Tom does a great job at thinking out loud and communicating with his patients. I have such a greater understanding of my body since and I still do 20 minutes of specialized exercises before every run. Through all of this adversity Tom has always been there to help me fix my body. He enabled me to make miraculous season comebacks when no one thought it was possible. I can’t thank him enough for his work and I would recommend him for everyone.

-Evan D.
After almost 3 years and several doctors/specialists inability to diagnose or treat...the care taken gave us hope. And results! We were at wits end with a nerve issue in my husbands foot. It was affecting everything in our lives & his health by not sleeping & medicating. We feel like we have our life back!
-Dianne F.
After seeing 5 other PTs and being told I should just expect pain, I finally found Thomas. He has a creative approach and looks at the problem from many angles. He found the problem and treated it and other imbalances that were causing issues. He is not someone who just prescribes ice and stim. When you leave, you feel like you've had a workout and that your session has been worthwhile. Everyone at the practice is incredibly friendly. You will not be disappointed.
-Sarah S.

After chronic neck pain for 10 + years, Thomas identified an issue with my shoulder that was ultimately causing the pain! I am so thankful for his patience and determination to find the root cause! 
-Kerri W.

Everyone here is so helpful and nice!! Thomas especially is an amazing and brilliant physical therapist who goes above and beyond for all his patients. Highly recommended!!
-Leah K.

My therapist has been Mr. Thomas Crassas.  I want you to know that without his help, I would not be in the position I am today.  His knowledge and motivation has been exceedingly helpful.  It has been a long process, but I am so thankful that I had him as my therapist to recover from these multiple microscopic muscle tears.  I would recommend this therapist to everyone that is in need. I cannot praise him enough for his knowledge and professional caring attitude. He has seen me at some very low points in my life and was caring enough to guide me through them.
-Carol S.

Thomas Crassas is the best physical therapist that I have ever been to.  He goes beyond standard exercises and works to find the ones that really help your problem.  I had injured my knee about a year before seeing Thomas and gone to another physical therapist for many months to try to correct my problem.  I did get better, and although I still had issues with my knee, I was released from therapy because I had finished the normal program for my knee.  I still had considerable pain and problems at times and eventually went to see Thomas.  He listened and asked pertinent questions.  He worked with me hands on and was able to give me exercises as my knee got stronger and I was able to be released within a few months.  My knee is now very strong and I don't have pain or issues with it anymore.  In fact, a few months after being discharged from his care, I did my first 5k run.  I have referred a number of people to Thomas (even sent my own mother) and they have all said how caring he is, how he works with you one on one and really cares about your condition.  Everyone has had relief from their problems and is very happy they went to see Thomas.  I feel we are very blessed to have such a wonderful physical therapist in our area that really cares and works to find the right exercises to relieve your pain and problem and get you strong.  He makes up a program for each patient according to what that specific problem is and that is why people have such relief.  I am stronger now than I was before I had my knee injury and it is because of working with Thomas.
-Kathy M.

I came because I was referred by my neurologist who suggested I had BPPV. I had been almost constantly dizzy at this point for over a year and no one could figure out why. I had been to a number of doctors, an ENT, and a neurologist. All of my tests and scans came back fine. The only diagnosis I had was I was slightly anemic and had low vitamin D levels, but even after a few months of supplements to bring up my levels, I was still dizzy. My symptoms were getting worse and at one point I could barely stand and walk more than a few minutes without the room spinning. I was skeptical about going to physical therapy at first because I figured it would just be another person telling me that there was no reason behind my symptoms. I first met with Thomas and I had a few sessions with maneuvers for BPPV and some exercises for the muscle tension in my neck and shoulders with a little relief. I was still dizzy and was experiencing some other unpleasant symptoms. During one of our sessions I was talking to Thomas about my experience over the past few years with numerous doctors and I mentioned that I go to a holistic doctor. He started to tell me that he was in school for functional medicine and that if I would be interested, he could try and help me. I figured I had nothing to lose at this point and I was willing to try anything that would make me feel even the slightest bit better. I took a symptom questionnaire that he gave me and it came back that I had a high level of toxicity in my body. He suggested that I try an elimination diet to weed out any food sensitivities. I did not think that the diet would make a difference because I had already cut out gluten and dairy and ate relatively healthy, but boy was I wrong. In a matter of a few days my symptoms started to decrease and for the first time in over a year I felt the dizziness significantly subside. I also started taking some probiotics and some other supplements to heal my gut and they also seemed to really help! To make a long story short, I now know how important gut health is in relation to your entire body. When my stomach is working properly, the inflammation in my body is lower and my dizziness is gone! I still have off days but they are few and far between. I feel pretty good now and I owe it all to Thomas and the rest of the staff.  I am so grateful for them for giving me my life back!
-Elizabeth M.
Physical therapy has changed my life. It took around a year of spending thousands of dollars on blood work and scans to get to where I am today. I saw several doctors including dentists, endodontists, ENTs, and PCPs. It turns out that the pain I was having from my teeth and jaw was from TMJ. I was lucky enough to land here, where the staff are very supportive and friendly. I had my own serious doubts at the beginning, but after a couple of months all my pain has went away. I would highly recommend going here. They have an A+ team and are incredibly knowledgeable. Thanks to their help I finally have my life back again.
-Mike M.
I was impressed with their team professionals who helped me to get back to my work after about one year light duty. Thomas spent time to listen to me and figured out how to treat me. The result was amazing. I would highly recommend this place to any physical therapy needs. Thank you very much.
-Hirut A.

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